Who’s that hanging on your finger 1997

Who’s That Hanging on Your Finger? Is a piece designed to parody the notion of domesticity presented as an accessory that can be socially pinned on or removed from women, as and when required.

This piece can be read through feminist critique identified in the use of specific iconography. The perpendicular orientation of the pins on the exterior of the piece can be seen to reference the skin, or the defining surface and volume of the body. The tangential pins in the negative and interior spaces of the cup, saucer and plate can be read as hair; the fetish object defining parameters of the secret or unconscious. Some of these signs reinterpret and reference Merrit Oppenheim’s surrealist teacup, with added notions of my own domestic and family ritual.

Who’s that hanging on your finger? 1997
Stainless steel mesh, dressmaking pins
18 cm(H) x 17 cm(W) x 17 cm(D)
Photo credit; I Hobbs